Blueberry Heaven Sanctuary

At this time, Blueberry Heaven Sanctuary is unfortunately at capacity and cannot accept new cats/kittens, however, we are looking for fosters who are willing to work with us as we sometimes get in adoptable cats/kittens.

In order to expand, we need the community to help us fundraise, and spread the word about us - the pitfall is that by more people finding out about us, more people will call and try to surrender cats to us. We want to expand our capacity to take in cats, but we need to fundraise to build our large cattery, making it possible to provide permanent housing to more cats in the community who have no other place to go.

Please consider making a donation, or at least sharing our website with everyone on social media, your community, friends, family, and encourage them to see what we are doing, what our mission is and help us strengthen our ability to help more cats in the area.

Please look at our FUNDRAISING and PAYMENT tab for ways to donate.

We appreciate your help and look forward to growing and be able to meet the needs of our community cats 😻

GoFundMe Drive

This is Pinkey, he passed December 18, 2023 of heart failure. He was 16 and loved by all residents. Sadly, his end saw him go blind and paralyzed, but his love for life and for us never wavered. Having lost both our old boy and Milo, our 5 month old kitty due to FIP on Valentine's Day, didn't only break our hearts, but also depleted our account covering veterinary bills.

Please consider making a donation to our GoFundMe or any of the other links under PAYMENTS, to help us going forward.

We appreciate our community for their support and we will be at Pet Supplies Plus on Saturday 2/24 from 1 to 3 pm if you want to meet us in person and know more about our mission and immediate goals and plans for expanding our sanctuary and help more cats in the area.

Welcome to Blueberry Heaven Sanctuary

Blueberry Heaven Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that provides support to local community cats and their caretakers. 

The organization is located on a private ranch in the Lake Pickett area of Orlando, FL. The sanctuary is home to 27 felines, ranging from ages 3 months to 17 years, including several cats with special needs such as a blind tortie, a senior with heart disease, and several who are FIV positive. 

Most of the cats live inside our residence and enjoy a large sunroom, a screened porch, and several rooms catering to their needs to keep them active and entertained. However, some of the cats who have been born and grew up outdoors are often too “feral” to feel comfortable with an indoor life. They are accommodated in the horse barn and hay room where they are safe, dry, and allowed to live out their lives in an outdoor environment that they are familiar with. 

Additionally, the sanctuary also is in the process of building a large cattery, complete with huge "catio" where former ferals/non-adoptable or mostly unsocialized cats can live safely in an indoor setting with safe access to a large garden where they can watch squirrels, birds, our rescue ducks and chickens and just be allowed to be who they are in peace.

The sanctuary also provides support through trapping, spay/neuter, and help with veterinary bills when funds are available. 

The volunteers who feed the cats in various locations in our community ensure that they are monitored and fed and have access to clean water and we partner with other rescues to help connect these wonderful volunteers with food pantries to provide them with continuous food supplies. 

The quiet rhythm of daily chores at BHS is accompanied by the contentment and gratitude in the eyes of the rescues as they go about their lives in serenity. 🥰

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General Info/adoptions: 407-687-9086


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